Tuesday, December 7, 2010


The Merriam Webster defines beauty as something that brings pleasure to the senses, or something that exalts the mind and spirit. We so often think of beauty in a shallow sense. Most people think of it only applying to women, or maybe to a landscape. If I take the word beauty by its literal definition then the things in life I find beautiful drastically changes. Sunsets and landscapes bring me pleasure when I see them but I would have to argue that the things I find most beautiful are can not be seen with the eyes; which poses the question if beauty can only be found in things we see. I'm not a strict definition kind of girl but according to this one, it can be any sense, not just sight. For instance, I find words beautiful. There are not many things in life that bring me greater happiness then reading words and writing them. Just the sounds they make rolling off my tongue onto paper. The thoughts and feelings behind them, the meanings; the power they have. A little three letter word could change the world. Something else that I find beautiful that I can not necessarily see is feelings. I find it beautiful that as humans, we are not numb to our surroundings but are able to react and to feel. whether it is anything from hate to love, I am able to express myself. Feelings are what differentiate us from so many other things in this world. They too have the power to change this world. I would rather feel pain and heartache then feel nothing at all. Something visible I find beautiful are people. I'm not talking in the literal sense that they are attractive. I'm saying that there are people that the minute I set eyes on, I smile. Whether they be friends, family, or a complete stranger that just had something about them that made me smile; somebody doesn't not have to be 'beautiful' to beautiful. I'm not saying this in a mean way, but there are plenty a people I know who I would dare say are attractive that I would consider beautiful because they are kind or have something else about them that just makes me smile, and smiling brings pleasure to me. To sum it all up, I would have to say that life itself is beautiful. Life. it contains everything. It gives a short amount of time to enjoy everything it has to offer. to make it into whatever you want it to be.. to soak it in and spend every second with the beautiful things it gives us.. To love and be loved.. to seize the day.. to be able to make that conscious decision to be happy.
Life is Beautiful

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