Saturday, February 5, 2011


You're in my every thought,
You're in my every breath. 
I wanted to be in your heart,
Until death,
Until death do we part. 
Who would have known,
That our death came much too soon.
We had no options,
And then you were gone.
I longed for you
But my mind told me not to, 
I'd never see you again,
This was the last of you.
Was this the last of us?
Did I ever get a reason why?
Was it worth it?
All the times I would cry?
I forget where I was,
I forgot where I was going.
I gave up on us,
I don't know what I was doing. 
Then fate had a plan where I'd see you again,
And bring back the pain,
Of wondering when you would leave me
With a heart to mend. 
But for those few moments we shared,
I fell in love again,
And for you only,
For you I cared.
But then came the pain,
Where we went our separate ways.
My smiles turned into tears
And worse were my days.
I can only think of your eyes,
And wonder if you think of mine,
Maybe I didn't know what I had,
Maybe I was blind.
Maybe I was the one,
Who was the cause of all this,
I was the one who ended the bliss,
I'll never forgive myself,
And what we could have been.
But I will always love you,
I'll love you until the end

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