Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So I was at a concert recently and was snapping random photos. Somehow I had the perfect timing and captured this moment. I feel like I'm kind of eavesdropping on a really sweet moment, but this makes me smile every time I see it. Thought I would share (:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Your Song

In the hollow of my soul
Echoing your name,
Reverberating off the walls
In a mind gone insane.

Drumming its own beat
And making its own sound,
The cross-roads where we'll meet
Is the place I'll be found.

It's plaintive melody
And long remorseful cry;
Building up inside me,
Breaking when I die.

No more than dust;
Your song is just a name.
Corruption took ahold,
Never can it be the same.

Again you try to build it up
Just to see it broken apart.
Echoing in my soul,
Reverberating in my heart.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Throw me from the ledge
And I'll find a way to fly.
Push me from the edge
And I'll sour through the sky.

Break my spirit in half
And I'll grow wings instead.
I'll let out a laugh,
When you leave me for dead.

Or maybe I'm not flying.
It's a free-fall through the air.
I'm slowly dying,
But somehow I don't care.

So I'll learn to free fall
With a smile on my face.
I've seen it all;
I've seen your life go to waste.

But no, not mine.
I've lived every minute like the last.
I followed the sign,
And I didn't let my life fly past.

So I'm falling slowly,
And I forgot how to fly.
But I've been here before,
Free falling through the sky.

But maybe before I can fly,
The floor I have to hit.
I have to die,
Before I can reach my true limit.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


  There are some people in this world we devote our lives to and invest out selves in; the people we fully put our trust in. We would do anything for them and expect that they would do the same for us. Sadly though, this is not how it always works. Most of the time, for me at least, this is a one way street. Somebody comes into my life and I start investing myself in them. I break down my walls and barriers so that I might let them in. The bad thing about this is that when your walls are broken down and you have no barriers, you are left defenseless and vulnerable. If that somebody can walk in, they can just as easily walk right out, leaving you alone and helpless. Over the years, I've learned to be more careful. I keep my guard up. I protect myself so I don't get hurt, but in the mean time, others are hurt because they wonder why I wont let them in. Maybe I'm just a coward. I'm paranoid and afraid. I've been so naive my whole life. I used to let everyone in. Now the pendulum has swung way too far in the opposite direction. I hardly let anyone in because I'm scared. And at times, I'm even scared to become close to someone. I don't like the hurt of seeing them leave or becoming something I don't know.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Admit you've seen my tears,
And Admit you've heard my cries.
You never helped me conquer my fears,
But you helped me believe your lies.
When I needed you the most,
You were never there.
You didn't love me,
You didn't even care.
Now I'm bent and broken,
From your bitter and twisted lies.
I want to heal,
So Its time to say our goodbyes.
You gave me a reason to sing,
You gave me a reason to write,
You gave me a reason to cry,
You were the reason I couldn't sleep at night.

I walked around the park till two,
I couldn't sit down
Or I would only think of you.
I counted the seconds till I saw your face,
Longing for your gray eyes
And your sweet embrace.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Incoherent thoughts from an infantile fifteen years old girl's head.

      I'm sitting here at the Drowsy Poet with my coffee cake an hot tea and all though I'm alone I'm not lonely. I have Dickens, Tolstoy, Melville and many others to keep me company. I keep getting strange looks from other early morning coffee shop goers. Something about opening a book and smelling it is foreign to them. They don't known that I prefer the smell of a book to the rich aroma of burnt Brazilian coffee beans that fills the air around me. They don't quite understand how the words of someone long dead can be sweeter then my coffee cake and richer then the the aroma around me and bring me comfort. When I'm sitting alone, people say I get an empty expression about my face; but in reality, it is a look of awe. I've heard my voice echo off the walls of the Sistine Chapel as well as smelled the stale odor of it's indelible colors. I've walked the broken down streets of London in the 1800's , and I've been tossed around a ship in the middle of pirated waters. The smell of salt in the air is burning my throat. Disease and malnutrition are ingrained in the very materials this ship is made of. I'm sick of seeing grays, blues and dim skies, I've been on various adventures across the world and it's not yet 7 am. More then that, I've been in this same seat for an hour. Anybody who is a reader knows how this is possible. I hope to fall in love with someone who realizes how important reading, books, and the imagination are to me; someone who realizes I wasn't sure how everything tied together in my life because I hadn't met them yet. The plot was incoherent because I was missing the main character; the one who completed the story. The climax of my book will be when I meet you, whoever you may be. My life may not have some huge twist or fairytale ending, but when I look back and read the sweet words and smell the rich aroma that fills the pages, I wont care because its what you fill your book with that matters. I want God to fill my book. I want Him to so permeate my book that when I meet you, you wont be attracted to me, but you will first see God in my life and that's what attracts you to me.

This is exactly what I wrote down in the short time I was at the drowsy poet. It's my meaningless, incoherent thoughts but I hope you enjoy this little piece of me.
The dysfunctional friend
Who takes but never gives,
She laughs and ignore pain 
Because she doesn't know how to live.

When the world around her falls apart,
She takes no notice because she has no heart.
It's been taken from her far too many times.
She lost it forever,
Because she ignored all the signs.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Three words.

A poem I wrote a long time ago.

I was so young,
   Beautifully naive.
Any words you said,
   I would believe.
But there were those three,
   I was never sure about.
They meant the world to me,
   But I was still full of doubt.
They were so deceiving,
   And then you ended up leaving.
I was my only comfort,
   Because you were not there.
Now when someone tells me those words,
   I say "Don't you dare!"
I've heard them before.
   I know their affect.
They are sharper then a sword,
   But sweeter then honey.
But I fell for them again,
   And suffered through the agony.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The One-Legged Elephant

That one-legged elephant knows what I'm thinking,
He pities me, and there is sympathy for what I'm feeling.
Or maybe it's sympathy,
Because he knows what I could be.
What I could amount to,
He knows the possibilities I can't see.
But what do you know?
Dont taunt me anymore!
You're just a one-legged elephant.
What are you good for?
Your brittle wood leg just snapped in two,
I keep you anyways,
Because no one wants you.
So you can just sit there and pity me,
I'll pity you,
But I'm in the worse state to be.
I have both legs and no excuse,
To take off and go,
And shoot for the moon.
Maybe one day I'll know,
I'll know what could have been.
I'll look back on life and say,
"It would have been different,
if I had listened to that one-legged elephant."

Monday, February 21, 2011


This poem was written by Beth Rampler(:

I wanted to go unnoticed,
For maybe just a day or two,
No more attention,
Especially not from you.
No more compliments,
Or telling me lies,
Leave me alone,
Lets say our goodbyes.
I put on this shirt,
It was on purpose,
It is unflattering,
Because I want to go unnoticed.
Somehow though,
I can't get rid of you,
I yell "go!!''
And you think it's cute.
Can this just be over?
It will hurt later,
You are not my lover,
I'm turning into your hater.
I don't like being mean,
But this has to end,
Am I making my point?
Don't make me leave you with a heart to mend.
But somehow I just cant tell you this,
I cant show you this poem,
Maybe I'll write out a list,
You can read it when you're home.
I'll try to be clear,
But you need to realize,
Our end is near,
It's time to say our goodbyes.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


You're in my every thought,
You're in my every breath. 
I wanted to be in your heart,
Until death,
Until death do we part. 
Who would have known,
That our death came much too soon.
We had no options,
And then you were gone.
I longed for you
But my mind told me not to, 
I'd never see you again,
This was the last of you.
Was this the last of us?
Did I ever get a reason why?
Was it worth it?
All the times I would cry?
I forget where I was,
I forgot where I was going.
I gave up on us,
I don't know what I was doing. 
Then fate had a plan where I'd see you again,
And bring back the pain,
Of wondering when you would leave me
With a heart to mend. 
But for those few moments we shared,
I fell in love again,
And for you only,
For you I cared.
But then came the pain,
Where we went our separate ways.
My smiles turned into tears
And worse were my days.
I can only think of your eyes,
And wonder if you think of mine,
Maybe I didn't know what I had,
Maybe I was blind.
Maybe I was the one,
Who was the cause of all this,
I was the one who ended the bliss,
I'll never forgive myself,
And what we could have been.
But I will always love you,
I'll love you until the end