Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So I was at a concert recently and was snapping random photos. Somehow I had the perfect timing and captured this moment. I feel like I'm kind of eavesdropping on a really sweet moment, but this makes me smile every time I see it. Thought I would share (:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Your Song

In the hollow of my soul
Echoing your name,
Reverberating off the walls
In a mind gone insane.

Drumming its own beat
And making its own sound,
The cross-roads where we'll meet
Is the place I'll be found.

It's plaintive melody
And long remorseful cry;
Building up inside me,
Breaking when I die.

No more than dust;
Your song is just a name.
Corruption took ahold,
Never can it be the same.

Again you try to build it up
Just to see it broken apart.
Echoing in my soul,
Reverberating in my heart.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Throw me from the ledge
And I'll find a way to fly.
Push me from the edge
And I'll sour through the sky.

Break my spirit in half
And I'll grow wings instead.
I'll let out a laugh,
When you leave me for dead.

Or maybe I'm not flying.
It's a free-fall through the air.
I'm slowly dying,
But somehow I don't care.

So I'll learn to free fall
With a smile on my face.
I've seen it all;
I've seen your life go to waste.

But no, not mine.
I've lived every minute like the last.
I followed the sign,
And I didn't let my life fly past.

So I'm falling slowly,
And I forgot how to fly.
But I've been here before,
Free falling through the sky.

But maybe before I can fly,
The floor I have to hit.
I have to die,
Before I can reach my true limit.