Monday, November 14, 2011


Throw me from the ledge
And I'll find a way to fly.
Push me from the edge
And I'll sour through the sky.

Break my spirit in half
And I'll grow wings instead.
I'll let out a laugh,
When you leave me for dead.

Or maybe I'm not flying.
It's a free-fall through the air.
I'm slowly dying,
But somehow I don't care.

So I'll learn to free fall
With a smile on my face.
I've seen it all;
I've seen your life go to waste.

But no, not mine.
I've lived every minute like the last.
I followed the sign,
And I didn't let my life fly past.

So I'm falling slowly,
And I forgot how to fly.
But I've been here before,
Free falling through the sky.

But maybe before I can fly,
The floor I have to hit.
I have to die,
Before I can reach my true limit.

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