Friday, March 25, 2011

The One-Legged Elephant

That one-legged elephant knows what I'm thinking,
He pities me, and there is sympathy for what I'm feeling.
Or maybe it's sympathy,
Because he knows what I could be.
What I could amount to,
He knows the possibilities I can't see.
But what do you know?
Dont taunt me anymore!
You're just a one-legged elephant.
What are you good for?
Your brittle wood leg just snapped in two,
I keep you anyways,
Because no one wants you.
So you can just sit there and pity me,
I'll pity you,
But I'm in the worse state to be.
I have both legs and no excuse,
To take off and go,
And shoot for the moon.
Maybe one day I'll know,
I'll know what could have been.
I'll look back on life and say,
"It would have been different,
if I had listened to that one-legged elephant."