Friday, April 6, 2012

Painted Tears.

I''ll never let you in.
You're not allowed here.
My heart is closed.
You have painted my tears.

The red comes gushing out;
It smears across my face,
Tears of love and some of hate.

The yellow spurts out of my ears
For all the times you didn't listen to me,
For all those years.

The purple falls from my lips,
Remembering your sweet words
And your ever mean tricks.

Green oozes from my hair,
Sucking in memories,
And times you were not there.

The color of my skin is now blue.
For all of those times.
All those 'I love you's'

I may be full of color
But all around me is the black.
This is what you did to me.
I'm here to take it back.
I want peace right now in 3-2-1!
I have all the color,
Too bad. You have none.

Because I can live without you,
I can make life fun.
You can live your life in black
And I'll be the color of the sun.

I will get into all the  paint cans,
You can live your life in the dark.
This is where I stand.
 This is where I'll make my mark.

Because you've painted my tears
With all your lying.
You made me into a painting.
You were so mesmerizing.

So I'll soak up all the color.
You can stay in the black.
I like it without you
So never come back!
Over again,
We've been here before.
Never content,
Always wanting more.

Who's to blame?
We both fell;
Always remembering
It never ends well.

But the mean trick of the heart,
We fell for it again.
When it said it could be different.
There there would be a better end.

Maybe it's worth it;
Forgetting the final result.
Living in the moment,
Forgetting you broke my heart.

How can this be wrong
When it feels so right?
If I really love you,
Then I'll give up the fight
I hurt you before.
Maybe once, maybe twice.
My bitter words...
My conniving vice.

They put you in tears
But after all these years,
Who's to blame?
We're just the same.

Sixteen years of suffering,
Can I handle on minute more?
I always retaliate
And then comes the war.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So I was at a concert recently and was snapping random photos. Somehow I had the perfect timing and captured this moment. I feel like I'm kind of eavesdropping on a really sweet moment, but this makes me smile every time I see it. Thought I would share (:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Your Song

In the hollow of my soul
Echoing your name,
Reverberating off the walls
In a mind gone insane.

Drumming its own beat
And making its own sound,
The cross-roads where we'll meet
Is the place I'll be found.

It's plaintive melody
And long remorseful cry;
Building up inside me,
Breaking when I die.

No more than dust;
Your song is just a name.
Corruption took ahold,
Never can it be the same.

Again you try to build it up
Just to see it broken apart.
Echoing in my soul,
Reverberating in my heart.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Throw me from the ledge
And I'll find a way to fly.
Push me from the edge
And I'll sour through the sky.

Break my spirit in half
And I'll grow wings instead.
I'll let out a laugh,
When you leave me for dead.

Or maybe I'm not flying.
It's a free-fall through the air.
I'm slowly dying,
But somehow I don't care.

So I'll learn to free fall
With a smile on my face.
I've seen it all;
I've seen your life go to waste.

But no, not mine.
I've lived every minute like the last.
I followed the sign,
And I didn't let my life fly past.

So I'm falling slowly,
And I forgot how to fly.
But I've been here before,
Free falling through the sky.

But maybe before I can fly,
The floor I have to hit.
I have to die,
Before I can reach my true limit.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


  There are some people in this world we devote our lives to and invest out selves in; the people we fully put our trust in. We would do anything for them and expect that they would do the same for us. Sadly though, this is not how it always works. Most of the time, for me at least, this is a one way street. Somebody comes into my life and I start investing myself in them. I break down my walls and barriers so that I might let them in. The bad thing about this is that when your walls are broken down and you have no barriers, you are left defenseless and vulnerable. If that somebody can walk in, they can just as easily walk right out, leaving you alone and helpless. Over the years, I've learned to be more careful. I keep my guard up. I protect myself so I don't get hurt, but in the mean time, others are hurt because they wonder why I wont let them in. Maybe I'm just a coward. I'm paranoid and afraid. I've been so naive my whole life. I used to let everyone in. Now the pendulum has swung way too far in the opposite direction. I hardly let anyone in because I'm scared. And at times, I'm even scared to become close to someone. I don't like the hurt of seeing them leave or becoming something I don't know.