Friday, April 6, 2012

Painted Tears.

I''ll never let you in.
You're not allowed here.
My heart is closed.
You have painted my tears.

The red comes gushing out;
It smears across my face,
Tears of love and some of hate.

The yellow spurts out of my ears
For all the times you didn't listen to me,
For all those years.

The purple falls from my lips,
Remembering your sweet words
And your ever mean tricks.

Green oozes from my hair,
Sucking in memories,
And times you were not there.

The color of my skin is now blue.
For all of those times.
All those 'I love you's'

I may be full of color
But all around me is the black.
This is what you did to me.
I'm here to take it back.
I want peace right now in 3-2-1!
I have all the color,
Too bad. You have none.

Because I can live without you,
I can make life fun.
You can live your life in black
And I'll be the color of the sun.

I will get into all the  paint cans,
You can live your life in the dark.
This is where I stand.
 This is where I'll make my mark.

Because you've painted my tears
With all your lying.
You made me into a painting.
You were so mesmerizing.

So I'll soak up all the color.
You can stay in the black.
I like it without you
So never come back!

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