Friday, December 3, 2010


Today was like any other day. My school bus dropped me off at its normal spot. I was carrying my bag full of books, my violin, and my shoes. I always take my shoes off as soon as I get off the bus. I love walking barefoot and stomping on the trail of crunchy leaves that God puts there as a way of telling me he loves me. He knows how much crunchy leaves make me smile. For some reason or another, there was something different about the day. As I walked off the bus, it wasn't as sunny as it usually is. I guess it was because of the fall that our days are shorter and I can no longer count on the sun to walk me home from school. I suddenly got the chills. It wasn't cold but there was something eerie in the air. I started to walk faster when I heard a flock of crows screeching. A deathly feeling came about me. My stomach dropped. I felt as the crows were yelling at me because something bad was about to happen and no matter how loud they became, they wouldn't be able to warn me. I started running home. I was legitimately scared. I am now home, typing this up. I don't know what the crows were saying but they left a bruise in my stomach and I will be sitting here trying to occupy my time, wondering what in the world the crows were trying to tell me.

..or maybe it's just the running off of my imagination; however, I'm aware that anybody reading this might think I'm insane for thinking that these crow's foreboding screeches were trying to tell me something.

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